Punch Shaw, Star-Telegram, FULLY COMMITTED:
  "The real show here is Saylor's performance. If you want to see a tour de force acting               performance, you don't need to have any reservations about this production."

  Jan Farrington, theatrejones.com, FULLY COMMITTED:
  "...as Sam, the only visible character onstage, the New York-based Saylor gets into a physical       and vocal rhythm that’s hyperkinetic and hilarious. Saylor finds space in the non-stop chatter       to give us a glimpse of the real Sam..."

  Nancy Churnin, Dallas Morning News, FULLY COMMITTED:
  "...an opportunity for Saylor to dazzle us with his ability to segue swiftly and seamlessly           among dozens of parts..."

  Jerome Weeks, artandseek.net, FULLY COMMITTED:
  "...Saylor delivers a whirlwind performance."

  Kevin Spacey, A NEW MAN:
  "I loved this film. Funny, strange, daring...It continues to surprise."

  Filmshortage.com, A NEW MAN:
  ..."Charles' mundane attitude gives A NEW MAN a certain layer of depth played to ingeniously by       Russell Saylor..."

  JWR (jamesweggreview.org), Review of the Palm Springs International ShortFest, A NEW MAN:
  "...Russell Saylor is superb as the suddenly born-again, model of confidence..."

  Isa Goldberg, theaterlife.com, STRINGS ATTACHED:
  “In this role, Russell Saylor sensitively portrays the father or Quantum Theory, while fortunately   injecting some comic relief as well.”

  Marc Miller, NY Theatre Guide, SMILE: 
  "Tommy (Russell Saylor, excellent), the almost-big-time choreographer, is a beguiling mixture         of jaundiced and noble..."

  Michael Dale, Broadway World, SMILE: 
  "Funny turns are also supplied by Russell Saylor as a droll choreographer..."

  Rick Rogers, The Oklahoman, ROCKY HORROR SHOW: 
  "Saylor commands the stage as the salacious but sweet transvestite Frank 'n' Furter, a role           that allows this accomplished actor to push the boundaries of taste into an over-the-top             performance that crackles with energy."

  Michael McGonigle, Philadelphia Museum of Art Film Lecturer, THE LOVE PERMIT: 
  "Saylor is excellent as a character who lives within a world of coping with moral compromising       each and every working day of his life."


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