Punch Shaw, Star-Telegram, FULLY COMMITTED:
  "The real show here is Saylor's performance. If you want to see a tour de force acting               performance, you don't need to have any reservations about this production."

  Jan Farrington, theatrejones.com, FULLY COMMITTED:
  "...as Sam...the New York-based Saylor gets into a physical and vocal rhythm that’s hyperkinetic     and hilarious. Saylor finds space in the non-stop chatter to give us a glimpse of the real Sam..."

  Nancy Churnin, Dallas Morning News, FULLY COMMITTED:
  "...an opportunity for Saylor to dazzle us with his ability to segue swiftly and seamlessly           among dozens of parts..."

  Zander Opper, TalkinBroadway, THE LEGEND OF GEORGIA MCBRIDE:
  "...the shining diamond in The Legend of Georgia McBride is the character of Miss Tracy Mills, and   Russell Saylor is simply sensational in this part. Looking dynamite and performing the drag numbers   flawlessly, Saylor allows Miss Tracy Mills to be a mentor of sorts...and the results are             exhilarating and touching. Saylor is stunning throughout, but the real bonus of his performance is   that he brings a great deal of heart to the show, as well as more than a bit of levity.”

  Nancy Sasso Janis, Patch.com, THE LEGEND OF GEORGIA MCBRIDE:
  "Saylor captures both the big personality of the drag persona as well as the quieter person behind   the scenes. Watching her train her protege is a riot."

  Sherry Shameer Cohen, BroadwayWorld, THE LEGEND OF GEORGIA MCBRIDE:
  "Saylor...give[s] their role value and esteem."

  Filmshortage.com, A NEW MAN:
  "...Charles' mundane attitude gives A NEW MAN a certain layer of depth played to ingeniously by       Russell Saylor..."

  JWR (jamesweggreview.org), Review of the Palm Springs International ShortFest, A NEW MAN:
  "...Russell Saylor is superb as the suddenly born-again, model of confidence..."
  Rick Rogers, The Oklahoman, ROCKY HORROR SHOW
  "Saylor commands the stage as the salacious but sweet transvestite Frank 'n' Furter, a role that     allows this accomplished actor to push the boundaries of taste into an over-the-top performance       that crackles with energy."

  Isa Goldberg, theaterlife.com, STRINGS ATTACHED:
  "In this role, Russell Saylor sensitively portrays the father or Quantum Theory, while fortunately   injecting some comic relief as well."

  Marc Miller, NY Theatre Guide, SMILE: 
  "Tommy (Russell Saylor, excellent), the almost-big-time choreographer, is a beguiling mixture         of jaundiced and noble..."

  Michael McGonigle, Philadelphia Museum of Art Film Lecturer, THE LOVE PERMIT: 
  "Saylor is excellent as a character who lives within a world of coping with moral compromising       each and every working day of his life."


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